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E-commerce is becoming increasingly disruptive,
yet many established players are struggling
with retaining clients who make consumption
decisions online. This is where we come in.

The Native offers integrated digital marketing solutions
for clients in the luxury & lifestyle industries. We combine
modern technology and content marketing to create best-in-class
online campaigns which are cost efficient, highly targeted,
multi platform and guarantee the sought-after conversion rates.




  • Semantic
    Web Technology
  • VR & AI
  • Digital Content
  • Chatbot
  • Big Data
  • Outpost
  • Social
  • TN for Investor
  • B2B

Semantic Web Technology

The Native patented Semantic Web Technology assists businesses with cost- efficient, well targeted and multi platform digital marketing.

We use verified (trusted) content data aggregation technology based on semantic web algorithms and position ourselves as Data Sources & API for the luxury & lifestyle industries and related clients’ offerings.

Data aggregation provides for excellent contextualization and digital push of our clients’ product stories developed at the Digital Content Production stage.


The Native partners with the world’s leading virtual & augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology providers.

We manage the campaign process in its entirety – from the creative concept, to retaining the appropriate technology provider, through overseeing the creation of the product, to delivering the final campaign.

We also offer traineeship and can produce customized research and analysis reports for our clients, enabling them to learn and understand the various types, formats and applications of VR/ AR and AI and how those can be used to create highly engaging marketing campaigns which are specifically catered to their products, positioning and target clients.

Digital Content Production

The most efficient online campaigns are those which are based on a content marketing strategy. Content which utilizes rich-media provides highest conversion and click-through rates. The Native specializes in rich-media content production & campaign building, specifically video production.

Our campaigns are native to the client’s brand, business model and DNA, are engaging, and therefore build a loyal customer base.

Our stories are:

  • genuine: the storyline / narrative / post need to convey a message which goes far beyond the product which you are selling (in fact it may not mention your product at all)
  • entertaining: the online audience is used to and expects content which will make them amused / shocked / sad, ensure your content evokes emotions
  • mobile: even the best of content stands no chance if its distribution is limited to a desktop, most internet users consume content in mobile version hence your content need to be primarily mobile-appropriate
  • include rich-media elements — videos, photos, info-graphics (to name a few) are a must (text-only content will not generate the sought-after stickiness and click-through rates)
  • we don’t underestimate social media — in fact, your social media strategy should be interdependent with your content strategy
  • and we can make it interactive — technologies such as virtual or augmented reality, artificial intelligence, chat-bots are the new-wave interactive tools which will help you differentiate your content offering and make your story stand out


Chatbots are becoming a popular tool for marketing. Given the versatility of chatbots, their tasks can be programmed to retain data, respond to specific keywords and know when to offer an additional product to a consumer. It is also a method of increasing consumer interaction ratings and improving overall consumer experiences for increased sales. The ability for a chatbot to assist a customer right away markets the company’s sense of urgency in consumer relations.

The Native, under its sister brand Digital Native specializes in building chatbots, for various industries, to be used in both as marketing and customer service acquisition tools.

Big Data Analytics

We rely on data to track the performance of our clients’ marketing campaigns and to improve the messaging, leads generation, conversion rates and overall engagement of target users with our clients’ digital properties.

We develop customized dashboards that integrate clients’ digital properties audience metrics and products data with the peer group competitors’ data and provide for online, product-by-product tracking of how our marketing campaigns help to improve on leads, conversions, sales, cross-sales and returns.

Outpost Production

The Core-Outpost Strategy is based on the premise of creating and promoting a high quality content website with robust SEO and calls-to-action in place. The website forms the Core part of the strategy (the foundation) of an online marketing campaign. The content is what pulls in visitors from search engines. Once the Core is built the content is then pushed through various social media and similar outlets (outposts). It is then that the traffic is channeled from the Core onto the client’s transactional / e-commerce site (where the products or services are listed for check-out).

The Native offers production of both the Core (from creative concept, to publishing daily, fresh, engaging content on to Core site) and the Outpost strategy (to push and promote the content through social media and other online channels).

Social Media

Social Media means not just connecting but interacting with your existing and prospective clients — it is all about engagement.
We create digital content with interaction and engagement specifically in mind.

Our video campaigns allow for contextualization, which in turn allows the viewers to build a rapport with the product and comfort with the brand.

Our multi-platform approach allows for re-packaging and reusing content across various digital channels including social media and newsletters.

We help you to:

determine how social media can help you leverage you campaigns

establish which social media outlets will make the biggest impact for your business

measure success and help you optimize the social media engagement

TN for Investor Relations

The Native works with publicly traded companies and their investor relations (IR) advisers / departments as their innovative IR partner.

The Native designs and executes carefully crafted, rich media campaigns aimed to tell the client’s equity story in the most visually appealing, easy to grasp and trustworthy way.

The Native IR clips are a natural addition to the IR sections of listed companies’ web sites, best to use during investors’ roadshows and are the excellent first impression introduction to the company’s equity story to a broad investor base.

B2B Marketing

As a the turnkey solution for internet marketing The Native not only helps with B2C client acquisition but also is an indispensable tool for companies seeking B2B client relationships.

From leads-generation to third party platforms, through providing support as digital marketing partner, to creating digital campaigns specifically for B2B pitch books — The Native has a proven track record of supporting our clients with B2B.

Our B2B partners know that relying on The Native’s tried and tested digital marketing solutions, produces measurable, expected results and saves time wasted on reinventing the (digital marketing) wheel.



Highlight Finance Corp Leads CHF 7 Million Equity Investment Into The Native AG (Successor of The Native Media Inc)

December 23, 2016, New York / Zurich – The Native Media Inc., a New York based digital and content marketing firm that services global celebrities and brands in the luxury, sports and entertainment industries, has signed on a CHF 7 Million Series B equity placement and will restructure into The Native AG.


Highlight Finance Corp led the Series B equity round. Highlight Finance Corp is the Zurich based investment firm backed by a number of international investment groups and family offices including sports finance specialist firm Ecotonian AG, the luxury & e-commerce specialist investor Lighthouse Capital and Highlight Event & Entertainment AG, the Swiss-listed company focused on marketing and commercialization of music events. Highlight Event & Entertainment is one of the largest shareholders in Germany-listed Constantin Medien AG, the film production, sports media and sports marketing business headquartered in Ismaning (Germany).

Upon completion of the Series B, the resulting cap table of The Native AG will include Germany-listed firm Ecommerce Alliance, London based investment fund Blue Wire Capital, Zurich based investment firm Highlight Finance Corp and a number of other investors. The Native AG will move its headquarters from New York to Zurich as of February 1, 2017, with The Native Media Inc. becoming 100% owned US subsidiary of The Native AG as of the same date.

Izabela Depczyk, the founder and CEO of The Native Media Inc., will serve as CEO of the newly created The Native AG, with the firm to maintain its creative content production base in Warsaw, Poland and chat-bot & other tech competences in the US.

“We are combining The Native’s tech-based, millennial audience-focused, content marketing agency business model with an access to clients and capital available to Highlight Finance Corp, to create an international firm able to design, produce and operate innovative and cost efficient digital business and content marketing solutions for clients in the luxury, sports and entertainment sectors,” commented Izabela Depczyk, the CEO of The Native AG.

The Native AG is scheduled to complete reorganization and announce some of its upcoming projects and marketing engagements in Q1, 2017. Here is a sneak preview of The Native’s latest campaign for luxury music equipment manufacturer Bang & Olufsen.

For more information, please email

The Native Completes $1m Series A Financing Round

July 6, 2016, New York & Warsaw — The Native Media Inc., the digital and content marketing company specialized in native content production and online marketing, specifically through commercial applications of the semantic web technology, has announced completion of the Series A financing round today. The Native Inc. has raised $1 million in expansion capital from the Frankfurt-listed investment firm E-Commerce Alliance AG, London-based venture capital group Blue Wire Capital and Zurich-based investment firm Lighthouse Capital.


Founded by media executive Izabela Depczyk, The Native launched its operations in May 2016 in New York and Warsaw, and produces digital marketing campaigns for clients in the luxury, e-commerce and media industries.

“Today is a big day for The Native as Series A placement provides us with adequate financial support and exceptional distribution power to make The Native grow in the coming years by targeting and converting millennial audience around the world to the digital offerings of our advertisers and sponsors,” – commented Izabela Depczyk, the Founder & CEO of The Native.

For more information please email

Blue Wire Capital

Ecommerce Alliance

Lighthouse Capital


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    Izabela Depczyk

    Founder & CEO

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    Valentin Korinevsky


  • julia

    Julia Wasowska


  • lukasz

    Łukasz Suchocki


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    Gabi Strama


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    Renée Geary



Izabela Depczyk

Founder & CEO

Izabela Depczyk is a marketing and media executive with her last engagement being CEO of the Warsaw Stock Exchange listed Artnews S.A. (which owns Artnews Magazine, Art in America, The Modern and Magazine Antiques among others), which she turned around from a small, distressed publisher into the world’s largest art media company by audience and revenue size and today headquartered in New York. Prior to that, Izabela worked in Redline, a Luxembourg based and regulated asset management company, overseeing investments in the digital media and e-commerce sectors in Central and Eastern Europe. Izabela started her career as a journalist and editor of a various business media outlets (including CNBC Poland and Warsaw Business Journal). Izabela is the Founder and CEO of The Native focusing on sales and operations. Izabela holds a BA in Politics and New Media and an MA in International Law from University of Edinburgh, Scotland.


Valentin Korinevsky


Valentin Korinevsky has over 20 years experience in start-up and expansion stage companies in the high-tech arena (including E*Trade and bwin, among others), with long a history leading Web and mobile development groups as well as creating digital strategy for companies in media and financial services sectors. Prior to joining The Native, Valentin served as Director for Digital Development with the Warsaw Stock Exchange listed Artnews S.A. (which owns Artnews Magazine, Art in America, The Modern and Magazine Antiques among others). Valentin has a degree in Applied Mathematics from the Moscow State Technical University.


Julia Wasowska


Julia Wasowska started her career as corporate secretary in the PR department of Poland’s largest public radio station Polskie Radio. She then moved on to become junior publisher at TVN24 (owned by Scripps Networks Interactive, Nasdaq: SNI), the leading news channel in Poland. Julia has had extensive experience dealing with operations having managed several projects within the trainee program at the Warsaw University of Technology. Julia holds a degree in Sociology from the University of Warsaw and a post-graduate degree in Project Management from the Lazarski University.


Łukasz Suchocki


Lukasz Suchocki has over 10 years experience in film direction & production for the music and film industries. In recent years Lukasz has been focusing on production for digital-specific distribution channels. Lukasz has experience producing commercials for brands in the luxury and cosmetics industry. Lukasz holds an MA in cinematography from the University of Warsaw, Poland.


Gabi Strama


Gabriela Strama has extensive experience in wide-ranging artistic and creative direction for both commercial campaigns and independent artistic projects alike. She produced numerous photo shoots and spread for many fashion brands including Simple and magazines among them Kukbuk and Art&Business.


Renée Geary


Renée Geary has been an account manager for various publications that cover art, design, luxury and antiques. She has extensive experience handling clients who strive to move away from traditional marketing formats and into those focused on content-based marketing and online distribution. She joins The Native as the US-based sales representative. Renée is a graduate of the University of St Andrews in Scotland and holds an MA in Art History.

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